Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

Window Seed Feeder for Birds

only £7.35

Wild Bird Dried Mealworms Food - 1 Litre Tub [bargain] by HIGH RIDGE

only £5.95

Vine House Farm Niger Seed 13kg

only £28.00

UPGRADED Window Bird Feeder with Glossy BOX, Great Gift, Sliding Feed ...

only £16.99

Tom Chambers Ground Feeder by Tom Chambers

only £9.99

Stay Fresh 5litre 3.2kg Tub of No Mess Sunflower Hearts for Wild Birds...

only £14.99

We offer a range of quality bird feeders including bird seed feeders and bird food feeders, peanut bird feeders, wild bird feeders, mealworm feeders and suet ball feeders. We also offer squirrel proof feeders (squirrel resistant feeders) to protect the bird food from persistent squirrels!

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