Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

Garden Mile? Large Universal 40cm Clear Squirrel Baffle Squirrel Proof...

only £18.99

REDWOOD BB-BF210 Wild Bird Feeding Station by REDWOOD

£24.99 £20.47

Tom Chambers Grand Bird Station by Tom Chambers

only £70.99

New Premium Hammertone Bird Feeding Station Set With Feeders Wild Feed...

only £26.99

Gardman Feeding Station Patio Stand by Gardman

£26.00 £21.78

20kg *Wheatsheaf* Premium Grade Peanuts for Wild Birds by Croston Corn...

only £45.95

We offer a range of quality bird feeders including bird seed feeders and bird food feeders, peanut bird feeders, wild bird feeders, mealworm feeders and suet ball feeders. We also offer squirrel proof feeders (squirrel resistant feeders) to protect the bird food from persistent squirrels!

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